Required Literature Reading Books

The Literature PACEs has accompanying reading books, which need to be read by the student while they are working through the PACEs. Most of these can be sourced from the CEE website, but a few will need to be found elsewhere as indicated in the table below. If you cannot source a book, please contact, or if you are working at ICCE level, please contact to ask for an alternative.

Note that most required reading books cover multiple PACEs, e.g. a student will read Summer Fun while completing PACE numbers 1025-1031.

Literature & Creative Writing is a relatively recent addition to the ACE core curriculum. It begins at level 2 (1013) and continues until the end of level 6 (1072).

Basic Literature begins at level 7 (1073) and ends at level 9 (1108). Each level is covered by a single workbook, so Basic Literature 7 covers the PACE numbers 1073-1084. Each workbook separates into multiple PACEs, e.g. Basic Literature 8 will separate into PACE 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, and 96. This should be done by the supervisor when they take delivery of each Basic Literature workbook, so that a student only has access to one PACE at a time. 

A Basic Literature PACE should be completed in roughly the time that it takes to complete two PACEs in other subjects. For example a student will complete 86 (God's Adventurer) while complete PACEs 1086 and 1087 in their other subjects.

You can use the table below to refer to when Literature PACEs and books should be issues, and how they correspond. Please click the titles of the books to go directly to the shop page for that book.

For Basic Literature 9 ACE no longer supply 5 of the original reading books. As copies of the books are hard to come by, we have created the After the Flood PACE, and the 2 Poetry PACEs as options to replace those books. For ICCE accreditation you need to complete 6 out of the 9 options. 

PACE Number Book Source
1013-1024 No books required
1025-1031 Summer Fun CEE
1032-1036 Christians Courageous CEE
1037-1038 Little Green Frog CEE
1039-1040 Saved at Sea CEE
1041-1042 Red Rag Riddle CEE
1043-1044 Charlotte's Web CEE
1045-1046 Children's Missionary Library CEE
1047-1050 Choice Stories for Children CEE
1051-1052 North to Amaroqvik CEE
1053-1054 Heidi CEE
1055-1056 Miracle at Camp Friendship CEE
1057-1058 A Dog of Flanders CEE
1059-1060 Star of Light CEE
1061-1062 Fugitive King CEE
1063-1064 Christians with Courage CEE
1065-1066 Alexi's Secret Mission CEE
1067-1068 Grandpa's Christmas Gift CEE
1069-1070 Little Pilgrim's Progress CEE
1071-1072 Treasures of the Snow CEE
1074 George Mueller CEE
1076 D. L. Moody CEE
1078 Through Gates of Splendour CEE
1080 God's Smuggler External
1082 By Searching CEE
1084 The Swiss Family Robinson CEE
1086 God's Adventurer CEE
1088 Little One Maid of Israel CEE
1090 When Science Fails CEE
1092 Abraham Lincoln CEE
1094 Ann of Ava CEE
1096 In His Steps CEE
1098 Up from Slavery External
1100 Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics External
1102 Pilgrim's Progress External
1104 Hiding Place CEE
1106 Did Man Just Happen External
1108 Robinson Crusoe External