Guide to ABCs Rental Kit

The ABCs with Ace and Christi (Learning-to-Read programme) is for students who have not learned to read but who score 80 percent or above on the ABCs Pretest (Reading Readiness Test). The programme takes approximately 15 - 18 weeks and teaches students to read and write. 

To make the kit more accessible to TEACH members, we have introduced a rental programme, consisting of 3 parts - Rental Kit, Rental Kit Add-on and the PACEs and Score Keys needed.

1. The Rental Kit

This contains the manuals, which are hired from TEACH according to the criteria set out here. These items will be returned to TEACH when you have completed the programme.

2. The Rental Kit Add-On Pack

This contains the items included in the ABCs kit that are not reusable. You will therefore need to purchase these items in addition to the rental kit. You will own and keep these items. Access the add-on pack here.

3. PACEs and Score Keys

You will need to order the PACEs and Score Keys for the ABCs programme separately. You can order these as you need them. A list of required PACEs and Keys with a basic schedule is below. 


The Animals Songs can now be found here:
ABCs with Ace and Christi ( 
(This replaces the CD previously used.)

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.