Guide to Installing Readmaster

In order to install Readmaster, either purchase a copy of the installation CD, or download a copy from the ACE website.

Once you have Readmaster, please follow standard Windows procedures for installing a program.

When you first launch Readmaster, you will be prompted to purchase a license. Click 'OK', and then click 'Purchase License' (1) as per the screenshot below. If there are no numbers in the 'License Code' field, click 'Generate License Code' (2).

Please note that it can take up to two working days for the unlock code to be generated.

When you have received the unlock code, enter it into the 'Unlock Code' field (4) and click 'Accept Unlock Code' (5).

You now have a year's license of Readmaster! If you need any assistance please contact us. You may also find it useful to refer to the Readmaster Administrator's Guide.

Readmaster License