European Student Convention

ESC Registration


ESC Payments

When attending ESC, you can opt to stay on site or off campus (with or without meals). The cost for each option is below.

  • Full Board Participant, Sponsor or Guest - £180*
  • Off Campus Participant, Sponsor or Guest (incl. meals) - £135*
  • Off Campus Participant or Sponsor (without meals) - £65*

If you book by 8th January, you will have the option to pay a 20% deposit per person. To make use of this, please select the item called ‘Deposit’. You will then need to place an additional order by 5th February and purchase the item called ESC Balance.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay the full amount by 8th January. Please select the product ‘Full Payment’.

If you plan to arrive and need meals and accommodation on Monday 2nd April and/or depart on Friday 6th April, please select the additional night charge available on relevant products.

*These prices are applicable to bookings prior to 8th January. Registrations after 8th January will not be able to make use of the deposit option and will incur an additional charge of £25.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to and including 5th February 2018 will incur a 20% administration charge. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible after this date as final figures need to be confirmed with the venue in advance.

Complete Your Registration

Don’t forget to register online at www.schooloftomorrow.com/logon and submit the necessary forms to the office. Visit christian.education/esc for details.

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